DBSS - Long Running Job exception duration for single job

Hello All,

This alarm "DBSS - Long Running Job"  have a global fire threshold for all the jobs.

I can see that there is an exception in order to exclude specific jobs.

Does there is a way to make an exception for a single job duration that will be different from the global fire threshold for all the jobs?

For example i have a global threshold of 125 for all the jobs in my instance. i created a rule exception for a specific job "backup up databases - ibi" i would like that an alarm will fire for this specific job after 2000 seconds.  i can see that in the reule exceptions table there is a column that called "RegExr" and the value is "false" - can it be change to my requested value 2000 seconds?
See the screenshot attached.
is it possible? 

Thanks in advance

  • Hello Netanel,

    you can set a specific threshold for a specific job by modifying the registry variable which defines the threshold.
    1. Go to Administratino | Rules & Notifications | Manage Registry Variables
    2. Find the registry variable: DBSS-OperationalLongRunningJob_Low
    3. In the lower part "Registry Values" click on the green "Add" and find the "SQL Server Agent Job List"


    4. Click on "Next" and find the needed job (here in my example there are only few jobs as it is a test lab). If you cannot select it, remove the tick box "All Objects". Once you select the job, click "Next"

    5. Now you can enter the threshold you want for this job. It can be a static value or a another registry variable.
    6. When you finish it should look like this.

    I hope that helps.


  • Hello Nicola,
    Thank you very much for this guide.

    Can you please let me know if i'm understand how it work.

    This alert will fire if a specific job will exceed the average time of this job + 125 seconds
    Am i correct?
  • Hi Netanel,

    I think there needs to be better description on this rule. That was my thinking too, but I was advised that the number (eg. 125) is a percentage - so it would be if the run time is greater than 125% of the average time.