DBSS - Long Running Job exception duration for single job

Hello All,

This alarm "DBSS - Long Running Job"  have a global fire threshold for all the jobs.

I can see that there is an exception in order to exclude specific jobs.

Does there is a way to make an exception for a single job duration that will be different from the global fire threshold for all the jobs?

For example i have a global threshold of 125 for all the jobs in my instance. i created a rule exception for a specific job "backup up databases - ibi" i would like that an alarm will fire for this specific job after 2000 seconds.  i can see that in the reule exceptions table there is a column that called "RegExr" and the value is "false" - can it be change to my requested value 2000 seconds?
See the screenshot attached.
is it possible? 

Thanks in advance

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