Migrate agents to another External Agent Manager

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I'm planning to do migration to different hardware including management server and external agent managers. For management server, I'm planning to install new latest Foglight version. I will also create new external agent manager. Can I migrate all agents to new external agent manager? 

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    if you create a new FMS you cannot migrate the agents. The new FMS will have its own new FMS DB, where Foglight stores all configuration + collected metrics. So the new FMS does not know anything about the agents + cartridges which are installed on the old FMS.
    If you stay with the old FMS, you can migrate agents from one Agent Manager to another Agent Manager. There is a "Move" function on the Agent Status dashboard which will guide you through the migration process.

    There might be an option to switch the existing Agent Manager to the new FMS and as a next step using the "Move" function to move the agent to the new FglAM, but this will need PSO assistance. They need to check first if that is really an option in your setup.

    To get in contact with our PSO team, please contact your Quest account manager. He/She will be able to help further.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

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  • Another option would be to migrate the "old" FMS to the new hardware, versus a completely new installation.  Moving an FMS is a fairly straight forward process, especially if Federation and High Availability are not involved.  Once the FMS is moved, it can then be upgraded, and agents can be moved around to whatever FGLAM you wish.