Has anyone modified the DBSS_Jobs_Failed rule to set criteria for a specific job?

The DBSS_Jobs_Failed rule generically checks for job failures.  I want to copy the rule and set up a rule to monitor a single job containing the string %backup% in the job name.

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  • Hello Randy,

    to exclude specific jobs from the rule, you can use the DB administration dashboard - see screen shot below.
    You find the DB Administration on the DB Overview dashboard. Select the agent you want to do the change for and then click on "Settings | Administration".


    To create a new rule base on an existing one, you need to open the dashboard "Administration | Rules & Notification | Rules". Now find the needed rule and click on the name. A context menu opens and you can select copy. Next a window will open where you can modify the rule.
    Click on the Rule Definition tab and change the rule scope. The rule is scoping on object DBSS_Agent_Job_List and this object contain a property called job_name. So you can change the scope, for example

    To exclude a specific job:
    DBSS_Agent_Job_List where job_name !like '%backup%'

    To trigger rule only for specific job:
    DBSS_Agent_Job_List where job_name !like '%backup%'

    To check if the scoping works properly click on the green check mark.

    Here are 2 example screen shots.
    Default scope:


    Changed scope to exclude a job:


    I hope that helps.

    Kind Regards


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