NetVaul - Notificacion - Backup Size

Hello, is there any way that when a backup job is finished sending an email with the backup size?


  • Hi
    Yes, you can have a specific job send you a report when it is finished.
    First you have to Configure Notifications to send emails to you.
    Then, you have to set and Event in the Job called "Email"
    Then Go to "Notifications" and you will find an entry called Job -User Defined
    Check the box for email
    Then, go to Reports and get the Job ID for "Single Job Summary Report" should be Job ID 22
    In the text field in the 'Notifications' screen, type in JobID=22
    Save this and exit.

    Next time the job runs, run the even to send an email of the Job Notification, and the report for the Single Job Summary.
    Any easier option would just be to run an Overnight Job Summary Report and have that emailed to you every day on a Schedule. This will be a report that sends you the details for all the jobs that ran in a 24 hour period. It is pretty easy to read and you will just look for your job there, it will have all the details you need.
  • Thanks! that help me a lot... and I take this opportunity to ask if there is any way to get a report listing all the backup files.

    Thanks again!