What does the Progress Column Actually Report In Job Activity

Can anyone elaborate a bit on how these numbers are determined.

0.00 GiB (0 KiB avg)
^                ^              what does this mean?

If this is how much the job has written than there are some serious issues with how incremental jobs work because this number is always very close to full backup sizes for us.

  • Are you sure you are running the INC and not FULL as in our setup i see correct numbers.
  • Agree with ,

    Can you confirm if you are running and an actual Incremental by definition and not just by name?
  • How can I confirm an "actual" incremental backup is actually running outside of setting it to incremental when we create the job?? Do you have a way to verify the integrity of the job outside of looking at the size of the completed incremental job and comparing it to to the size of the raw data?? Is there a way to see a full list of file/directory paths for everything backed up per job??

    If you mean, are we creating a full backup first then an incremental following, yes this is our process as I believe it is the only way to create an incremental backup by definition.

    For example we have a incremental job right now that just finished backing up 45TiB, since then that same incremental job is continuing now with a progress of 16TiB. Even though if we inspect the raw data on disk its only changed by 10TiB.

    This appears to me like the job is starting from scratch after every completed incremental phase. The job will continue through 45TiB again and then another 10+TiB until complete. You can see how this is not ideal as its just doing a backup. I would expect an incremental to only backup what has changed since the last phase, 10TiB.