Quest Launches New Toad DevOps Toolkit to Increase Velocity of Application Updates

  • Showcased at Oracle Open World, new Toad DevOps Toolkit increases the velocity of application updates by automating Oracle database changes
  • New toolkit compatible with popular DevOps orchestration tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo and Team Foundation Server
  • New enhancements in Toad for Oracle 2017 add additional support for the new Toad DevOps Toolkit
  • SharePlex v9.1 features new graphical user interface allowing DBAs to easily and quickly set up and synchronize databases with near-zero impact to business

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - September 28, 2017-- Quest Software, a global systems management and security software provider, today announced the upcoming release of Toad DevOps Toolkit - a new product offering designed to help organizations automate database changes within their existing DevOps continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) processes.  With the Toad DevOps Toolkit, developers and DBAs can quickly and easily automate many of the critical database development functions within existing DevOps workflows without compromising quality, performance or reliability.

The new release of Toad for Oracle 2017 R2 will accompany the Toad DevOps Toolkit when it debuts next month. The Toad DevOps Toolkit, Toad for Oracle, as well as a preview of the newest release of Quest’s popular SharePlex database replication tool, will be showcased at Oracle Open World, Quest booth #5401.  

Removing Database Bottlenecks to Support DevOps
To stay competitive, many organizations are implementing DevOps strategies, a set of practices that emphasize collaboration and communication among developers and IT professionals, while also automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. DevOps establishes a culture and environment to build, test and release software in a rapid, frequent and reliable fashion by embracing agile methodologies across the IT teams.  If application updates require changes to the database, however, the DevOps process often breaks down, because databases are historically developed and managed differently due to their complexity, development process and sensitive nature. Additionally, database development frequently lacks code testing and reviews, source control controls, and the ability to integrate with existing build automation processes, which are critical to preventing errors impacting production systems.

The Toad DevOps Toolkit breaks down the common barriers associated with deploying database changes alongside application changes in the DevOps workflow by integrating those changes with the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery aspects of DevOps processes. With the Toolkit, Oracle database developers and DBAs can:

  • Test PL/SQL against pre-defined requirements. The Code Tester feature helps test functionality of code to ensure quality during the automated build process and through continuous integration and deployment.

  • Perform static code reviews to ensure quality standards and maintainability. Code Analysis provides an automated way to determine minimum quality level threshold during code reviews to relieve the challenges associated with reviewing coding standards.
  • Compare and sync between source and target databases and generate sync scripts. Ensures schema, data and database integrity when deploying changes across database types -- for example, from developer databases to quality assurance databases -- and generates change scripts to deploy build artifacts into the DevOps pipeline.
  • Promote build artifacts into target environment to visualize success/failure. Script execution simplifies the process of implementing changes.

  • Integrate into virtually any continuous integration and continuous delivery tool: The Toad DevOps Toolkit is easily integrated into popular tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo and Maven. 

The latest version of Quest’s awarding-winning Toad for Oracle database development and management toolset also includes several enhancements that support the streamlining of database changes in DevOps workflows. Notable new features in Toad for Oracle 2017 R2 include: Pass/fail status notifications within the Code Analysis code reviews to ensure code quality; redesigned multi-schema compare and sync includes with- or without-snapshots options to increase productivity; and an improved REST API as part of the Benchmark Factory testing solution helps automate performance testing as part of CI/CD workflows.

Expanding Support and Ease of Use for Hybrid Environment Replication
A growing number of DBAs are implementing heterogeneous, cloud-based databases to power business-critical applications in finance, CRM, HR, e-commerce, business intelligence and analytics, and more. In many cases, these critical applications are dependent on the database vendor and its related offerings, creating a vendor lock-in -- right down to management and replication -- that does not support a hybrid environment.

Generally available later this year, Quest SharePlex 9.1  features a new GUI that allows DBAs to easily and quickly set up and synchronize data from Oracle to Oracle databases with near-zero impact to business. Oracle DBAs can minimize adoption time and enable all-the-time uptime by eliminating command line interfaces to start data replication projects faster, and take advantage of simple workflows that minimize risk and downtime associated with migrations and upgrades.

“The growth of hybrid environments and the adoption of DevOps practices are just two trends within the IT organization that are changing the worlds of the database developer and the DBA as they know it,” said Greg Davoll, executive director, Product Management and Marketing for Quest database management solutions. “The DBA and developer need easy-to-use and reliable world-class solutions that help them navigate these trends and empower them to play an active role in the growth of their business. The products we’ve announced today -- Toad DevOps Toolkit, Toad Oracle 2017 R2 and SharePlex v9.1 -- are designed to do just that.”

Availability & Additional Information

  • Toad DevOps Toolkit will be generally available next month.
  • Toad for Oracle 2017 R2 will be generally available next month.
  • SharePlex 9.1 will be generally available later this year. To learn more about SharePlex, visit:
  • Visit Quest at Oracle Open World, being held October 1-5, 2017 in San Francisco, at Booth #5401.

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