Ondemand Migration for Email

Has Anyone Ever Migrated from GoDaddy to Office 365 using this tool?

What are some common problems/pitfalls you've seen when starting this process?

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  • Hi gwalker,

    Yes we have had other companies migrate from GoDaddy. Below are the known limitations of this due to this being an IMAP configuration.

    • Non-delivery reports migrated to exchange will not be as complete as if we they would be if they were
      sent from exchange based client. For instance, a non-delivery report migrated from IMAP server cannot
      be resent by opening it and selecting Resend in Outlook.
    • If an IMAP source has sent mail in a folder other than “sent items,” the target will have mail migrated to a
      folder of an identical name and not to the “sent items” folder in Exchange/Office 365. The user can move
      the mail from one folder to another after migration.
    • The Follow Up flag is not migrated.


    Darin MacKenzie
    Technical Product Specialist
    Quest | Support

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