A casual conversation leads to success

I was working with a customer the other day that hosted equipment for a number of companies.  He was not an ISP, but more a small cloud provider.  He had about 25 clients that used his services.  He liked what Foglight had to offer for performance monitoring software tools and was going to implement it so he could monitor his environment more effectively.

We got to talking and he told me about a project they were working on.  They wanted each of their clients to be able to monitor their own equipment so they have visibility to how their systems are performing.  They wanted to provide CPU, memory, and network statistics for all the servers each client owns.  They wanted each client to only see their own equipment.

Foglight’s custom dashboarding was able help him with his project.  We were able to set up a dashboard for each one of his clients.  Most of them were the same and could follow a common template.  We put a predesigned chart on the dashboard, and then removed all the columns except CPU, memory and network.  We also added a quick graph of latency and CPU ready per VM.  There was a lot more we could add, but this was all he needed.  He had a few clients with some special services associated with them.  We created a couple of dashboards that showed Xendesktop performance as well as another for his customers running exchange.  We then created new credentials and specific URLs to allow them to see only their equipment.

He was very excited.  In just a couple of hours, and with some well thought out dashboarding we were able to roll out a project he was struggling to figure out.  I am excited to hear back about how his customers like their new feature.

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