Hyper-V Virtual Switch Monitoring with Foglight

Hyper-V Virtual Switch Monitoring shows topology views from the Hyper-V Server to the Physical NIC(s), VMs to the Physical NIC(s),"Top VM" Send and Receive transfer rates and a very informative summary dashboard.


       The Summary Dashboard provides the answers to which Virtual Switch has the -

  • highest percentage of network utilization?
  • highest network transfer rate?
  • highest data packet traffic?
  • highest numbers of available ports?




 1) Virtual Switch Topology View




 2) Hyper-V Server -> Virtual Switch -> Physical NIC(s)



 3) VMs -> Virtual Switch -> Physical NIC(s)




 Clicking the 'Explore' button from above, takes you to a topology view of the VM -> Virtual Switch -> Physical NIC(s)





For more information, visit our Foglight for Virtualization product page.