Integrate Foglight by Sending SNMP Traps

Many customers ask how they might integrate Foglight Alarms into other 3rd party monitoring tools.  One way to accomplish this is to send SNMP traps in response to a Foglight alarm.


To configure Foglight for this capability, you need to first download the MIB file. ‘MIB’ stands for Management Information Base. The file is a collection of definitions that define the managed object properties.

(Note: Port 162 (SNMP default) also needs to be open between Foglight Management Server (FMS) and the SNMP target host.)


1. Left flyout menu: Under Dashboards, Administration>Cartridges>Components for Download.


2. Download the MIB file. The MIB file should then be imported to your SNMP target.

Name: FoglightTrapActionMIB v2 / Cartridge Name: Send SNMP Trap Action / Component Name: MIB



Though there are a few ways to implement SNMP Traps with Foglight, the following steps are to set-up a trap based on a particular Foglight alarm firing…in this case, the Deadlocks alarm.


1. Left flyout menu: Administration>Rules and Notifications>Rules.



2. Dropdown: All Cartridges / Search field: 'Deadlocks'.



3. Copy (a bit ‘safer’ vs view and edit).




** Note: Once the copied/edited rule is created, it will be listed under the

‘Non-Cartridge’ option…



4. Then, Edit the Copied Rule…and choose 'Rule Editor'.



5. Choose a severity level > Action tab > Action dropdown > Send SNMP Trap Action > Add button (to move to left side).



6. Click on the Default link. Customize/Modify the ‘Target Address’ value. There may be other fields that need to be updated depending on what/how you’re looking to accomplish.



7. Choose the User Defined tab > Change button > Enter new value



8. SAVE it




You should now be ready to leverage Foglight to send SNMP Traps in response to the alarm.


For more information, or to request a trial, visit the product page: Foglight database monitoring