Quest Customer Story: Time Savings Realized by Large Hospital in South Florida Using Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

In April of 2016, upon engaging with a customer, we learned that the DBA team for the hospital managed an environment of over 70 SQLServer instances and had trouble keeping up with the ‘fires’ and reacting, as end-users reported performance issues. After a Spotlight ‘Lunch and Learn’ session, the team eagerly agreed to re-discover the Spotlight solution and start using it. A couple of Q & A sessions with the team followed over the next several weeks. The customer was pleased with Spotlight and communicated their commitment to Spotlight as their SQL Server database monitoring and diagnostics solution. Additionally, they provided some positive feedback. A Database Analyst on the team gave us permission to quote him.

“In less than one minute we can use Spotlight to check database locking, slowness issues, alarms, log files, disk issues, agent issues, or any server problems.  Logging into each server individually to diagnose these issues would take 5 + minutes per Server. We have about 73 + instances and without Spotlight, spending 5 minutes per instance would equate to 365 minutes or 6 hours + of manual investigation.  So far, Spotlight has saved us at ___….and, reduced the number of calls we get from the Help Desk or other teams to fix problems since we are being more pro-active rather than re-active with the help of this application.“

The Heat Map, one of Spotlight’s Enterprise connection-level Views:

The SQL Server Home Page, to identify and diagnose issues:

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