Spotlight for the Big Screen

A customer recently asked how it would be possible to get Spotlight for SQL Server Enterprise to show up on a big screen in their office. There are a number of ways. 

A Windows desktop could be used to hook directly to the TV, and then the Spotlight client could be installed.

Here is another way that is quite simple. A pre-requisite is to configure Spotlight to use Spotlight Cloud (as described in this blog.)

During the most recent soon-to-be a national holiday, I picked up an Amazon Fire stick for about $30. I'm not endorsing any particular type of device. You could use something else. But, I like it. 

I used the Silk Browser to navigate to and signed in with the same credentials (or organization credentials) used to configure the connection in Spotlight.

Here is how it looks on my old non-4K, non-virtual reality enabled, non-Wifi television. Sorry for the glare, but the dog likes the sunshine in the morning and insisted the blinds be kept open.


To get started with Spotlight, please go here now.