Rapid Recovery

SQL Locks



We are using MSSQL 2014, and RR

Our database server has C (170GB), D (2.2 TB), E (360GB), F (5.6TB).

Currently all databases are set to simple recovery, and our schedule is set to 2 hours.

Unfortunately, at least once a day we have a period where our application (custom built .NET web app) throws a bunch of errors saying it cannot write to the database, we are getting locks.  These are happening only at scheduled backup times, and typically when that happens we have 2-3 retries of the backups.

This is, of course, causing client impact.

Our database is not particularly busy, I feel like maybe we are just doing something wrong or Rapid Recovery would never really work for live databases.  In which case I'm unsure how they could be selling it.

One suspicion, we do have some fairly long running transactions in the application.  These are not changeable at this time.  Could this be causing issues like I've mentioned where DB locks are occurring?


Looking for any tips at all.

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  • I would not update unless you have a clear indication that this issue was fixed in an upgrade.

    What errors do you see in the SQL logs, Apprecovry log and the Application Event Logs?

    Is this a physical machine or VM, and if so is it vmware?

    RR can backup active DB but it requires Microsoft VSS be able to get a snapshot and the writer (sql in this case) to be functioning

    I have never experienced a DB lock issue with VSS but I suppose its possible. But its hard to imagine if you understand how VSS works.

    I am not saying the backup/ VSS is not involved, but I would expect there to be more issue with the VSS thaw than with the snapshot
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