• Error: The attachability check has failed, No log files were found for this database

    Hey guys,

    Im new to your Backupsoftware and i want to get rid of this error which pops up every night.

    I'm not even sure if this error is critical or not.

    Exception chain:

    The attachability check for SQL database 'X1' of instance 'SQLEXPRESS' failed…

  • SQL Locks



    We are using MSSQL 2014, and RR

    Our database server has C (170GB), D (2.2 TB), E (360GB), F (5.6TB).

    Currently all databases are set to simple recovery, and our schedule is set to 2 hours.

    Unfortunately, at least once a day we have…

  • Creating Snapshot creates error in SQL, preventing future snapshots



    I've come across a problem where when I create a snapshot of my server with two SQL databases on it, future snapshots of the same server fail until I restart the SQL servers.

    From troubleshooting, I've deduced that the failure is because…