Rapid Recovery 6.1.3 Reporting modification?


I have been searching for a few days now a way to modify emails within RR 6.1.3 Core. I have checked forum a few months back and I either missed topic about this or there was none.

1. I have within the company quite a few Cores and we want to setup report weekly backup status with Scheduled reporting, but the title of the email is fixed to "CoreJobStatus" and Name configured in the Scheduled report is the name of the file.

Closest I was able to find is some old AppAssure setup which unfortunately I can not make it work anyhow.



Is it possible to modify the name of the email itself somehow?


2. When I set up weekly reporting for a core I need to wait for next cycle till it generates report properly.

Example: I setup Weekly report on Monday, the report will be sent out on Tuesday, but it will have data only since Monday, tho even when manually generated they have past 7 days.


Is there a way around this or I still have to wait until next week till I get a proper report sent out?


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  • Are you saying we can contact support if we have issues with this script? Because the link you provided specifically mentions that support will not assist and the script is provided as is.

    I feel like a broken record, but I would like to mention that unsupported powershell scripts are no replacement for a solid reporting function within the product
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