• Rapid Recovery Core Service

    The Core service failed to start with the following error copied from the event.log

    I rebooted the computer, I repired already the installation with funktion in "add/remove programs"

    HAve anybody of you an idea what this error means?


  • Move current Rapid recovery Core server to a new server. Is there a grace or transition period due to license overrun with a temporary extra core server?

    We want to replace the server which runs Rapid Recovery with a new server.

    Is there a grace or transition period available due to license overrun with a temporary extra core server?

    I want to configure and test the new server (Rapid Recovery, backup,…

  • Export of a VM fails due to timeout.

    Rapid Recovery Core

    vCenter 7

    ESXi Hosts are 6.5

    I've attempted twice now to export a protected VM to a new vm back to vCenter and it's failing due to timeout. The progress bar never moves and 0 of x bytes are restored. There are no other…

  • Forcing Secure Connect to use TLS protocol


    I'm running version 6.6.0 for our RR and I wanted to see how to update and force the connection using an updated TLS protocol.  We've ran security scans and RR comes back with an vulnerability.  I've tried to follow this guide here but as…

  • Rapid Recovery Repository Volumes

    I am using Rapid Recovery. 

    My repository is currently made up of 4 6 TB volumes which are full. 

    I am planning to triple the size of my storage and want to expand my repository. 

    I was told that I could not simply add new volumes to the repository, as that…

  • What is "queuedFileVersions" ? Is it bad to have a large number? What does it mean?

    I have a powershell script provided by support that generates a nice HTML report. I have it run daily. I'm wondering what this particular field, queuedFileVersions, means. Also,  QueuedRPFSFiles and QueuedRPFSSize. What's the optimal number? What do…

  • vSphere 7.0 Support Timeline?

    Is there a current timeline for when a release will officially support vSphere 7.0?

  • Re-Add a machine - Start from Scratch - Ignore Recovery Points

    I have an SQL server that stopped backing up late last week (Not sure of reason yet).  This caused the logs volume to fill up, and now the unit will not back up with the error that the AALog file in System Volume Information is not accessible, access denied…

  • Unable to find Exchange tab on RapidRecovery

    Dear forum,

    We are currently running a Rapid Recovery instance which is backing up our Cluster of 4 Exchange nodes.
    This works great on 3 out of 4 nodes, however, on the fourth one it looks like it does not discover the presence of an exchange server.

  • Account permissions needed for protecting machine?

    Good  evening. Forgive me if I missed this in documentation, but I haven't been able to find out what the required permissions for accounts used by Rapid Recovery.

    I installed the agent on my Hyper-V cluster hosts, and see that the service runs as…

  • Error 'Sequence contains more than one matching element' when backing up a W10

    Hello. When trying to back up a new W10 it fails with this error:

    The transfer of the backup of '(Volume Labeled 'HDBR_DRIVER'); (Volume Labeled 'HDBR_OS'); C:\; D:\; Recovery Partition 0 on disk 0; (Volume Labeled 'HDBR_OS'); (Volume Labeled 'HDBR_DRIVER…

  • Malware that delete files

    Hello to all,
    for my thesis work I'm studying the various types of malware to understand their power. In particular I am studying Ransomware. My thesis consists in using file recovery tools and making statistics on how many files can be recovered.

  • Export Failing

    COMPONENT: CORE VERSION: on a windows box, Win2012 R2 We use agents.
    We are trying to perform a onetime export. I am exporting to a virtual machine vCenter/ESXi. I go through the entire wizard and the job starts. After it start, it errors out…
  • Ubuntu-VM with the error: Replay.Agent.Contracts.Transfer.TransferFailedException The transfer failed 'Call service method agent/transfer/snapshots/e0689f23 bd6e 4ac2 a774 20373743771b POST Sequence System.AggregateException

    I have a Ubuntu server with the error below, and no take the SnapShot.

    Replay.Agent.Contracts.Transfer.TransferFailedException The transfer failed 'Call service method agent/transfer/snapshots/e0689f23 bd6e 4ac2 a774 20373743771b POST Sequence System…

  • Rapid Recovery repository and storage size

    I'm taking over a Rapid Recovery 6.3 environment.

    The repository is running off of direct connected storage to the local backup server.

    The storage arrays have SAS 7.2K drives.

    My question, expanding or creating a new repository, is it better to…

  • Error when expanding repository - Sequence contains no matching element

    Trying to expand a repository, but i'm getting an error "Sequence contains no matching element".  The backup and everything else is working fine without any issues.

    Tried shutting down the core and restarting, Restarting the Backup server…

  • Agentless Windows box randomly taking a base

    I have a Windows machine that we are testing agentless backups on. The machine isn't doing anything to increase or change the disk size. It has taken a base 2 nights in a row. It took a large incremental the night before, then a base the night before…

  • Support for Windows Server 2019

    I've recently attempted to install the Quest agent (Core on a fresh instance of Windows Server 2019, the agent "installs" however the machine doesn't reboot successfully (goes into boot loop). I have attempted a repair install of the agent…

  • Is there a way to export protected machine list and other info


    I have been tasked with establishing a list of our protected machines with each machine's schedule, protected volumes and retention policy, if different than default.

    Since we have a lot of protected machines and multiple cores, I was wondering…

  • Service DellDRLogSvc is not running after Installtion of Rapid Recovery 6.2.1 Core an Agents

    Yesterday, I installed the new core version 6.2.1 and the agent version. Now I got the problem, that the Service DellDRLogSvc is not running on each server, which I installed. I can't start it. I got the message: "Error 2: The system cannot find the file…

  • Backing up mapped network drives


    Rapid Recovery is new in our environment and I am in the process of setting up initial backups.

    My situation is as follows: I have some data that is currently hosted on platforms unsupported by the agent software (A Synology file server, and an…

  • Rapid Recovery Web UI Cert

    I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to get a certificate on the core console so that there are no cert errors when going on the web UI. 

    Could someone point me in the right direction, what would be the process for creating a CSR for rapid recovery…

  • Rapid Recovery core failed to update.

    Fix action for:


    "Dell Core on CRYONICS has reported the Error event "Automatic update has been failed":

    The update to the version has failed

  • Restore of VM Created a Snapshot file


    i had to restore a few servers from my Rapid Recovery to a Hyper-V Host.. when this was done i noticed some files disk01-snapshot files were created along with the vhdx file.. so i need to keep these snapshot files or can they be deleted


  • Deleting Agent: Keep tracking changes

    When deleting a machine in 6.2, i get the option "Keep tracking changes".

    I cant find this in the documentation, does anyone know what it means/does?