Virtual Standby - SQL Server TempDB drive

When we are backing up our SQL Servers, we have a few servers that has issues when trying to backup the TempDB drive.  I have read that SQL server recreates the files on the TempDB drive every time SQL server starts so that there is a fresh copy of the database.  My question is, do I have to backup that drive for my Virtual Standby servers, or does the drive mapping for the T: reside on the Windows C: and when the server starts up the drive is mapped and the files are created on the T: when SQL server starts with no issues?

Thanks in  advance!


  • Rapid Recovery groups all of the volumes together that are used by SQL. So you cannot exclude that volume that contains your temp DB. So even if not having a backup of the temp DB would be ok from a SQL perspective, Rapid Recovery won't let you do it.  I know that doesn't answer your question exactly, but I wanted to let you know that the answer to your question won't allow you to change the backups you will be required to take by RR.