server 2003 rapid recovery agent

Is there a Rapid Recovery Agent version that works with Windows Server 2003?

And if it is before version 6.0, how do I get a copy?



  • There is not. AppAssure agent 5.4.3 is the last agent that will work with Windows Server 2003. Currently 6.2.1 cores are backwards compatible with 5.4.3 agents that were previously protected with older builds. Please note, this may not always be so with future builds. Always check release notes and system requirements guides before upgrading. 

    In addition, 5.4.3 is past end of life an no longer available for download. 

    What is the build of your core?

  • I have Agent-X86- for 32bit Windows 2003 if you need it.  Just reply back if you haven't got a copy yet and I can get it to you.

    If the 2003 agent is still backwards-compatible, and this goes for ALL software versions, we should be able to go back and grab any version of any agent we need. This is BACKUP software.

    What if I have an offsite "legacy" core running 5.4.3 and it's only job is to keep 2003 machines backed-up while we work on migrating these to newer OSes and that core fails and I need to reinstall a new one? Without having a prior backup of the software itself, I can't reinstall the core as it was, i would have to upgrade and possibly alienate the entire legacy backup infrastructure I had. It could take years to migrate these old machines and if the core goes down, we're toast.

    That is ridiculous.