• Rapid Recovery Agent for Linux Ubuntu 22.04?

    Good Day All,

    We have had our Rapid Recovery backup server since it was originally call AppAssure, however this is the first time I have tried to install the Linux Agent to backup a Linux sever..

    I am running into the problem that I cannot locate the…

  • Migrating to new clients.


    I have a server installed with 6.5 version of rapid recovery and two servers as clients.

    We need to move to 2 new servers (replacing the old ones).

    I can't see a way disable client (for license purposes). If I remove them will this delete the backups…

  • Event Log Audit Failure due to Agent.Service.exe

    So we are using Rapid Recovery

    I'm getting a bunch of Audit Failures in the event log related to my admin account.  I can't find where my account is used.

    The Quest Rapid Recovery Agent is set to LogON with Local System account.  I checked…

  • Getting an error when trying to do a one time export.

    CORE VERSION: on a windows 2012R2. We are NOT agentless
    I am trying to perform a onetime VM export to a virtual machine: vCenter/ESXi and the job has failed over 4 times. The first attempt was a linux machine. I tried an export from an incremental…

  • Rapid Recovery 6.2.1

    Can this version still backup windows xp machines with agent

  • server 2003 rapid recovery agent

    Is there a Rapid Recovery Agent version that works with Windows Server 2003?

    And if it is before version 6.0, how do I get a copy?



  • Backing up mapped network drives


    Rapid Recovery is new in our environment and I am in the process of setting up initial backups.

    My situation is as follows: I have some data that is currently hosted on platforms unsupported by the agent software (A Synology file server, and an…

  • Hyper-V hosts freezing during Rapid Recovery Agentless backup of VM's

    We have been running Rapid Recovery 6..1.2 for over a year using Agentless Backup on our Hyper-V hosts to backup VM's without problems. We recently bought 3 new hosts to replace the current hosts which are end of life. All hosts (old and new) are running…

  • Is there a switch for no restarts for the the Rapid Recovery agent agent-web.exe.

    I'm trying to deploy the Rapid Recovery backup agent through SCCM and looking for a list of switches to use.  Specifically a no restart switch, but if there was a list that would be great.  For some reason I'm not finding it on any of the manuals.…

  • What is the newest agent that will support Windows Server 2003

    What is the newest agent that will support Windows Server 2003?

    I know, I hate even asking the question.  Old physical servers bringing me down.

  • Agent is orphaned by this Core

    We recently did a Core migration of Rapid Recover 6.1.3 to a new server and all is well except for one client.

    It's a VMware server running Linux and when I'm in the Core Console, then go to the Vcenter server and +Protected Machine I'm able to find the…

  • Replay.Common.Contracts.Storage.FileSystemType

    OS: CENTOS 7

    Agent version:

    Core version: 6.1.3


    when getting recovery point of a system i get the message:

    Invalid enum value 'Swap' cannot be deserialized into type 'Replay.Common.Contracts.Storage.FileSystemType'. Ensu
    re that…

  • When installing agent, the SQL options don't appear on new client

    I've installed and removed the client from a new Server 2016/sql 2017 installation and when I add the machine to the core, the SQL options aren't appearing.  Is there something different I should do?  When I've removed the client, I cleared the…

  • DL4300 Rapid Recovery Core SQL 2000 Support?



    Our DL4300 appliance running Rapid Recovery Core backs up our modern physical servers and also an ESXI box running our legacy servers after a P2V conversion. One of these VMs on ESXI is a Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit OS running SQL 2000…

  • Rapid Recovery Replication fails Unable to connect to the remote server

    This is new software for me and when I was given it, it was already setup.  This one machine has never completed a successful replication.  All the other machines replication is successful.  I am not sure what to check for this error.  Are the replication…

  • Weak digest algorithm warning on RR repos for Linux

    Hi folks,

    Has anyone else been receiving the following warning when checking for updates on Linux systems with the Rapid Recovery agent installed?

    W: s3.amazonaws.com/.../InRelease: Signature by key 98B066A163C839F04EFCB354E1CF64095C605D2B uses weak digest…

  • Windows Server 2016 Program Compatibility Assistant blocking drivers

    I recently tried to install an agent ( on a hyper-v vm running server 2016 and the Program Compatibility Assistant blocked all the driver installations because it didn't like the digital signatures. Is this a known issue?


  • Error installing Agent - Repository URL 403

    I'm trying to install agents on CentOS 6.8 and 7.2 machines and I have the following error:

    http://s3.amazonaws.com/repolinux/release-6.1.1/repo/RHEL/6/x86_64/repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 22 - "The requested URL returned error: 403…

  • Agent metadata is not available with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

    Hello everyone,

    A few days ago, a server that was backing up perfectly fine, suddenly started giving me errors when it tried to start a backup.

    When I open the details page of this server it states "Unable to get details for 'server'. Verify that 'server…

  • Converting Agent-based Servers to Agentless

    I am currently converting some of our environment to the the agent-less style of backing up the machines. What I am not sure about is how to move the existing recovery points to the now agent-less protected machine. I have the recovery points still, and…

  • Does AppAssure 5.4x/ Rapid Recovery6.x agent software supported with Citrix XenServer platform

    Does AppAssure 5.4x/ Rapid Recovery6.x agent software supported with  Citrix XenServer platform?

    Online documentation for AppAssure on link and looks AppAssure agent software is compatible with Citrix Xenser : https://software.dell.com/documents/appassure…