server 2003 rapid recovery agent

Is there a Rapid Recovery Agent version that works with Windows Server 2003?

And if it is before version 6.0, how do I get a copy?



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  • I have Agent-X86- for 32bit Windows 2003 if you need it.  Just reply back if you haven't got a copy yet and I can get it to you.

    If the 2003 agent is still backwards-compatible, and this goes for ALL software versions, we should be able to go back and grab any version of any agent we need. This is BACKUP software.

    What if I have an offsite "legacy" core running 5.4.3 and it's only job is to keep 2003 machines backed-up while we work on migrating these to newer OSes and that core fails and I need to reinstall a new one? Without having a prior backup of the software itself, I can't reinstall the core as it was, i would have to upgrade and possibly alienate the entire legacy backup infrastructure I had. It could take years to migrate these old machines and if the core goes down, we're toast.

    That is ridiculous.

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