Nightly job not consolidating recovery points


im using RR 6.2.10100 on a core.

Its protecting few VMs. Lacking storage space my rentetion policy is quite small , i  keep maximum 7 recovery points (daily snapshot).

If i understand correctly, night jobs are supposed to consolidate recovery points.

It just doesn't work on this specific Core.

I end up having 90 recovery points per VM, and not free space on my repository.

I have 3 other cores, and no problem with them.

What could cause this behavior?

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  • To me this sounds like rollup is not running each night, or your retention policy is not configured in quite the way you stated. Can you tell us what the values are for each of the sections of your retention policy? Maybe post a screenshot of it? It isn't possible to set the retention policy to only keep 7 daily snapshots. You must have at least 1 day of "keep all recovery points" and then you can have a value set for the "Keep 1 recovery point per day" section. So to calculate your retention policy we need to know how many snapshots you are taking per day (what's your backup schedule) and then how your retention policy is set.  Once we have those two pieces of info, we can calculate how many recovery points you should have.

    The other thing to do is to make sure rollup is running. To do that, go to the events tab on the core server and search for the word "roll". Make sure there is one job for each agent each day. This is what actually processes the recovery points and removes them. Then it is up to the background job "deleting index RPFS files" to actually process the deletions and clean the data from the repository.