Copy only latest recovery point to hard drive?

We are currently using Rapid Recovery archiving to copy some device backups to a local hard drive.

The problem is that we are running out of space on the local hard drive.  We are running out of space because the archiving function of Rapid Recovery copies all the recovery points for these backups.  Instead, we would prefer for it to copy only the latest recovery point for these backups.

Is there any way to do this?  Is there anything outside of archiving that will copy only the latest recovery point?

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  • In the archive wizard there is an option to "Include only recovery points in the date range"

    If you set the date range to only the most recent date, it will only archive the most recent recovery points. However, please note that archiving a single incremental recovery point is not useful for restore. You can attach the archive to a core, but the incremental recovery point will show as orphaned unless it has all of the incremental recovery points and the base image created prior to it. So generally archiving only a specific incremental recovery point is a bad idea.

    Also, please note that this option does not function in the same way if you use the recycle action "incremental". This is because the entire point of an incremental archive is to review the data in the location you have chosen to save the archive and then append only the new recovery points. Hence if there is nothing in that location, a complete copy of the recovery points will be written out since there is nothing there and everything in the repository is seen as new and needs to be added to the location.