RemoteScan Double Hop

We are occasionally asked if RemoteScan has the ability to “hop” from a remote desktop scanning workstation to a Terminal Server and then from there to a second Terminal Server.  While the need for this scenario is rare, it is occasionally necessary in environments where it is not possible to make a direct connection from an enduser’s PC or thin client to the remotely hosted scanning application.


RemoteScan can perform a double hop as long as the remote desktop scanning workstation has IP connectivity to the first Terminal Server.  Port 6077 will need to be open on the remote scanning workstation.  This will also require that both “hops” use the same virtual channel (RDP for Terminal Services or ICA/HDX for Citrix).


If RemoteScan is connecting via RDP/Citrix from a remote desktop scanning workstation to a Terminal Server, and then again via the same virtual channel to a second Terminal server, follow these steps:


  1. Install RemoteScan server using the normal steps on the local PC / thin client (please see for detailed installation instructions).


  1. Install RemoteScan Server on the first Terminal Server.  After the installation, you will want to make sure that you change the RemoteScan Server options to keep RemoteScan Server from starting up automatically on this Terminal Server.  This is done by right-clicking on the RemoteScan Server icon and choosing “options”.  Once the Options screen appears, click the option (in the upper-right hand corner of the box) to “automatically start RemoteScan Enterprise” to “None”.  After doing this, please exit the RemoteScan icon.  This will keep RemoteScan server from starting up on this Terminal Server for any users, it does not need to run on this Terminal Server.  Keeping it from starting will ensure that this side is not accidentally registered, which would unnecessarily utilize a license.


  1. Create an RSProxy.ini file (make sure you are viewing file extensions so you don't accidentally create rsproxy.ini.txt) inside of C:\Windows\ .  This .ini file should contain ONLY the exact text below:


ProxyHost = RDPICAWorkstationIP


  1. Install RemoteScan Client using the normal install steps  on the second Terminal Server(please see for detailed installation instructions).


Once the RemoteScan double-hop is established, the remote desktop scanning workstation will be able to “hop” to a Terminal Server and then create another connection (or “hop”) to a second Terminal Server and scan using RemoteScan via any remotely hostedTWAIN-complaint scanning application.