Query Execution Statistics

Hi.  I have a question about Query Execution Statistics in Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise, version 12.1.0.   What I am wondering about is how far back does the "last 50" statistics go?  That is, is it four hours, 24 hours. or forever?  I don't really believe it is more than 24 hours because the "Last Execution Time" is usually from last night when batch was run.  So another part of the question is whether I can influence the time interval for the report.



  • Hi Gita … thank you for responding. 

    You mentioned that the drilldown cannot be configured by time interval.  What I was wondering was, can we determine what time interval Spotlight is using?  That is, it seems to me the interval is somewhere between 4-8 hours.  The reason I ask is if I want to check out a “problem child” SQL statement that has already finished, but if I am past the time interval, it won’t show up (even if it consumes massive amount of CPU time).  For instance, if someone yesterday tells me that the "database was running slow", and I know there is volatility in a particular SQL statement, I probably won’t see that statement on Query Execution Statistics because the time interval is past.  About the only thing I can do under that situation is to use the Playback feature and hope that I can catch the SQL that way.



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