Coming Soon

The report will be updated in 6.3.0


  • Business Rule Criteria should be easier to read. It should include "to" value when operator "changed from" or "not changed from" used.
  • <Send to> section should not appear in the report has not email recipients 
  • Add a "Defined Command" section to the report to show Business Rule command. Section should not appear when command is not defined

Enhance Business Rules Detail Report to show Status Detail

Currently, the business rules report in the criteria section shows the CSR status in Code form.  For example, MIGRA is shown for "Migration Approved".  Furthermore, when the criteria for the business rule's operator selected is "Changes From" (chg from), we are unable to see only one "Value".  We should see both the FROM and TO values, in descriptive form, and currently we only see the TO value, in code form.  Please enhance the report so we can see all relevant descriptive criteria defined for the business rules.