• Not able to start stat agent : error: JBAS014805: Could not get main file: standalone-full.xml.

    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=256m; support was removed in 8.0
    12:11:07,853 INFO  [org.jboss.modules] (main) JBoss Modules version 1.3.3.Final
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: JBAS014805: Could not get main file…

  • Stat 6.4 - when being released

    Is there a date when Stat 6.4 will be released?  Trying to plan next year upgrade for Stat

  • Next version of Stat coming out

    When is the next version of Stat coming out?  6.4.0?

  • MFA Authentication for Stat application

    Hi All,

    Our client is planning MFA (Multi factor authentication) to implement in all our Applications, hence we are planning STAT application to use MFA and it is not supported with current Stat version 6.2 & 6.3.
    We are expecting it in newer version…

  • Stat Client "Approval List" Email Tab Grayed Out (Used Stat Web Client To Resolve)

    Had a situation with the Stat client "Approval List" Email Tab grayed out with a CSR that satisfied all of the required tasks/transfer rules.
    Struggled for a few hours but was able to resolve using the Stat Web Client went back to the Stat Client…

  • Mobile compatibility

    Will STAT have Mobile compatible forms or App or features? this will be very useful feature for non dev/dba to monitor and approve while they are remote.

  • Deep link URLs:

    STAT Notifications should have a feature to send links/URLs to the direct CSR Approval form. When clicked on Users or Approvers, it should - after login - take them to the page where they can approve or take action on.

  • Archive set edit & delete option restriction after CSR workflow development stage

    Global security doesn't apply at specific workflow stages - it's all or none. Developers should not be able to edit/delete Archive Set once the workflow progresses from Development stage to other stages.
    Developers should also not be able to edit…

  • Separate Business and Functional user field for CSR.

    There is no field for adding Business and Functional users in the CSR. Separate Business and Functional user fields are required. This should also have a feature to send updates to the Business User as well as Functional User.

    In addition to above it…

  • Mandatory UAT and Unit testing evidence attachment linking to the proper Approvals

    Test Approval completion tasks such as UNIT or UAT Testing which requires evidence to be uploaded, should have evidence upload feature on the Approval form which links the evidence to that particular approval rather than a separate form and task.


  • Increase the USER ID column length, USERID is a varchar2(10) in the table STATUSER -- Important

    We need to increate the   USERID column length from 10 to 30 in the table STATUSER table.

    As per the  security  team request we have  changed the  userd id length policy on our  organization. due to that  user account  mapping is impacted in  STAT  application.


  • Reuse CSR and Archive Set Order on Mass Migration Screen

    Those that have to Mass Migration a Release to multiple instances it would a big time saver to be able to reuse the CSR and Archive set order. After the completing the ordering, check "Save Order" and provide a Name.  Use that Saved Migration…

  • How to reduce the time and cost of manual application changes by 75% or more

    If your company is making and deploying application changes manually you likely realize how time consuming and error prone a manual process can be.  This is especially true if your application is under governance that restricts access to the production…

  • Encrypt userPwd in stat.ini file for login setting

    For STAT 6.3 In stat.ini file, there is a section named [Login], which allows user to put UserName and userPWD, so can login without typing pwd again. Currently the userPWD is in plain text, and this is highly risky.  So please allow the encrypted userPWD…

  • Integrating Stat with Jira

    Increasingly, Stat customers and prospects are interested in integrating their Service Management Solution with Stat in order to reduce manual and redundant effort.  Stat's support for REST was part of Stat 6.2 and was first showcased in our 'What's New…

  • Disaster Recovery Rights for Stat (per production) license

    Hi All, 

    I’m interested to know what Disaster Recovery rights come with STAT ACM for Oracle Per Production License?

    Hoping someone can assist?


  • Export to Excel CSRs with summarized estimated hrs/actual hrs columns

    Please find attached document.Export_to_Excel_Enhancement_request.docx

    1. Need the Export button enabled to extract the below details to get the extract of the below projects.
    2. Navigationè File è Open Project è (search by project code).…
  • Update the Excel reports and exports to include .xlsx file format

    Update the Excel reports and exports to include modern office .xlsx file formats

  • Remove CSR Required Resolution Tab Entry

    Please allow system administrators to define whether or not the resolution tab of a CSR is required to be filled in. I think "by service domain" would be a great option.


  • LDAP Connect - Add Bind DN and password

    Add a "Bind DN" and "Bind DN password" field to the LDAP Connection Maintenance page in a future version of Stat.

  • Ability to sort Mass Migration - Release field by date

    We create Mass Migration Releases many times per week.  The list of releases in the Release field is very long.  When selecting the Release field drop-down field, the list was sorted by date but was recently changed in Stat 6.1 to sort by name.  We would…

  • Enhance Business Rules Detail Report to show Status Detail

    Currently, the business rules report in the criteria section shows the CSR status in Code form.  For example, MIGRA is shown for "Migration Approved".  Furthermore, when the criteria for the business rule's operator selected is "Changes From" (chg…

  • Every window should be resizable.

    Apologies if a repeat.

    I am loading in new File locations (Maint:PeopleSoft Connect:[File Locations], and the window is a fixed/static size - it needs to be able to be made wider and longer on demand (resizable), rather than having to have the scroll…

  • Viewing Data and DM objects, through STAT.

    With the new STAT 6.1 upgrade, the Edit Objects feature, was removed from the Change Management tabs.  We need this functionality back into STAT.  Currently we have a special team that migrates our PeopleSoft code into Prod.  They used this tab, in the past…

  • In Stat 6.1, the task detail on the left should open up like in 6.0.

    After upgrading to 6.1, the task detail on the left became read only.  The only way to navigate was to close the screen then select the ticket from the home page.  In 6.0, the tabs on the left are available after updating the task detail.