How to reduce the time and cost of manual application changes by 75% or more

If your company is making and deploying application changes manually you likely realize how time consuming and error prone a manual process can be.  This is especially true if your application is under governance that restricts access to the production environment since it requires handing off the implementation of the change(s) to another team or individual to comply with your organization’s defined controls.

The problem isn’t the governance of your application but rather the lack of automation and not having an integrated application change management solution which takes the manual, error prone, and complexity out of the equation.  Trust me, I know because there was a time when I was in the same situation.  I spent countless hours creating documentation, tracking approvals, trying to keep stakeholders informed on the status of changes and, the thing I hated most, manually rolling back changes.

What if you could eliminate all the complexity and pain points?  The fact is you can.  My ask, please invest 5 minutes and view the recorded presentation and demo.  The link to my YouTube video is: