Integrating Stat with Jira

Increasingly, Stat customers and prospects are interested in integrating their Service Management Solution with Stat in order to reduce manual and redundant effort.  Stat's support for REST was part of Stat 6.2 and was first showcased in our 'What's New for Stat 6.2' public webcast.  You may have attended the webcast or viewed the recording on another blog.  Requests for how to integrate with Jira using REST continue to come in.  Thanks to our Stat engineering team, they have answered the call a provided a video clip which demonstrates how one might go about integrating Jira and Stat.  The entire video is just under nine minutes.

The video clip shows bidirectional integration between Stat and Jira from opening a CSR to performing a planned migration from Jira.  Stat engineer Yuri Denshchik then takes you behind the scenes and shows you how it was done.  This video is definitely worth 9 minutes of your time.  So, go refill your coffee cup and set back and view the video clip.  I expect it will get your creative juices flowing. 

Click and share the following links to view the video clip from your local computer or device:

Please let me know what you think in the comments section.  Even better, if you have integrated Stat with another solution, please post what you have been able to accomplish with Stat’s REST api.  If you have a video, please share that as well.