Stat 6.4 - when being released

Is there a date when Stat 6.4 will be released?  Trying to plan next year upgrade for Stat

  • Hi Linda,

    At the moment we don't have an ETA for Stat 6.4 GA release. But, a Beta version should be out around March. In case you would like to be part of this program, please log a Support case so we can include you in it.

  • Unfortunately, it's impossible to provide a specific release date for Stat 6.4 without more information about the software and its development timeline. However, I can offer some strategies to help you plan your upgrade:

    1. Check for official announcements:

      • Search the Stat website, developer forum, or official social media channels for any announcements regarding Stat 6.4's release date.

      • Look for press releases, blog posts, or other official communications from the Stat development team.

    2. Contact Stat support:

      • Reach out to Stat customer support or technical representatives for specific information about the release timeline.

      • They may be able to share a more precise estimate or provide additional details about the upcoming release.

    3. Consider alternative upgrade options:

      • If you require specific features or functionality unavailable in your current Stat version, explore alternative solutions like third-party plugins or temporary workarounds.

      • This could help bridge the gap until Stat 6.4 becomes available.

    4. Monitor community resources:

      • Stay active in online forums and communities dedicated to Stat users.

      • Other users might have insights or information about the expected release date for Stat 6.4.

    5. Develop a flexible upgrade plan:

      • Create a flexible upgrade plan that can accommodate various release dates for Stat 6.4.

      • This could involve setting a target timeframe for the upgrade and identifying potential contingency plans in case of delays.

    Here are some additional tips:

      • Evaluate your needs: Carefully assess your upgrade requirements to determine the urgency of obtaining Stat 6.4.

      • Identify dependencies: Be aware of any software or hardware dependencies that might affect your upgrade timeline.

      • Prepare your systems: Start preparing your systems for the upgrade by backing up data and ensuring compatibility with the new version.

      • Stay informed: Continuously monitor official channels and community resources for updates about Stat 6.4's release.

    By following these strategies and staying informed, you can plan your Stat upgrade effectively koows echat even without a confirmed release date for version 6.4.