Replication job keeps ending in "Error: -1 - An unknown error has occurred"

Hi there,

I'm trying to set up a couple of replication jobs for our critical servers from our clustered production environment to a clustered replication area. Somehow all replication jobs end with the error message: "Error: -1 - An unknown error has occurred" and I'm struggling to figure out why this happens.

I'm running on the latest version of vRanger Backup & Replication ( Also, all Virtual Appliances have been upgraded to the latest version available. All ESXi servers are running on ESXi version 6.0.0, build 3620759.

Could you please assist in what I am missing here? That would be great!



  • Hello Chris, 

    There are several things that may be causing this -1 message. 

    1. Can you confirm you have enough space in the scratch disk partition of the destination VA? It is created with 1GB default, which is not enough for the vzmap files which are used to keep track of the changes between the source VM and the replicated VM. 
    2. Do you see the replication job "rehashing disks" in the task text log?

    Can you also tell me what values are set for the following parameters in the Vizioncore.vRanger.Service.exe.config file located in your vRanger installation directory?

    • ReplicationPacketTimeout
    • ReplicationBlockSize