Hyper-V Virtual Standby

I recently installed antivirus on my Core and Hyper-V virtual standby host. Since then I have been having all sorts of problems with exports failing. My core backs up 4 servers. 3 of them have roughly 100gb of data and the 4th is a file server that has 2 TB of data. I have noticed that sometimes the virtual standby exports try to export the complete servers again which creates a log jam and then everything starts to fail. I have added all recommend AV exclusions but they mostly pertain to the core and agents. I haven't been able to find any performance recommendations for virtual standby using hyper-V.

  • Full exports are often triggered after export failures. So that's not surprising that you are ending up with full exports if you are having lots of failures.

    I recommend excluding the location where you are writing the virtual standby files and if you can specify to not intercept the IO as the core is writing to that location that would be ideal also (I have no idea if that is even possible).

    Also on the exclusions list for anti-virus and the core software, make sure that whatever AV software you are using actually excludes the subfolders too. For instance there are a lot of folders in C:\ProgramData\AppRecovery\ and we need all of them excluded from AV. If you just exclude the root folder and it doesn't also exclude the subfolders then it's not actually doing much good.