6.3 version on DL appliance

Hi, I start the update from 6.2.1 to 6.3 on my replication core which is a DL4300 appliance and I got a warning that the installer will convert the dl appliance in software core. I try to read more about it but I didn't find anything. What does it means? Is it that my appliance will be considered like a "normal" machine like any server and I will need to manually update the driver or stuff like that?

Thanks for your help

  • If you upgrade to Rapid Recovery 6.3 and newer you will no longer have the DL appliance specific functions which include the Rapid Appliance Self Recovery, appliance provisioning, Windows backup, etc. in the Rapid Recovery software. Basically the appliance tab inside Rapid Recovery and all of it's functions will be removed. None of the DL appliance updates have ever included drivers and firmware for the hardware, so you should be manually updating that anyway. If your appliance is already configured, you aren't really losing anything. Since the DL appliance has been discontinued (we no longer sell it as of early last year, software development for it has ended. So if you want to upgrade to new builds of Rapid Recovery, you will be giving up those old DL appliance functions.

    At the end of the day, this change should have little to no impact on you. The only way it would be an issue is if you had a double drive failure and lost the OS and had to rebuild. Even then, you can log a support case and we can help you rebuild.

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