Rapid Recovery -Vmware Logging

Hi Guys.

Just looking for some advice regarding a recent rollout of Rapid Recovery we have just undertaken.  The vast majority of our estate is now being protected agentlessly however we have noticed that due to the amount of backups hitting the Vmware environment the activity log within the vsphere dash is just constantly displaying activity from rapid recovery backup requests.  

This is making virtually impossible to see anything else happening so I'm just wondering if there is the ability to stop Rapid Recovery from logging their requests to access the virtual machines during the backup process? 

Is this something that others see within their virtual environments? Constant requests during backups to access the disks and dropping the snapshot when complete? 

I can provide screenshots if my explanation isn't clear enough.

Thanks. Mark.

  • This is normal behavior for agentless protection from the perspective of your vmware environment.

    I'm sorry, but I'm afraid this is outside the scope of Rapid Recovery's management, and support. However, depending on your vsphere implementation, there should be methods for you to "squelch" out or filter out Rapid Recovery activity, depending on the type of activity that you "don't want to see". Information on different approaches for what you want to do should be available from vmware itself.

  • Mark,  

    I have experienced the same problem but also something worse.  All of these tasks are being recorded in the vCenter logs.  I have a large environment so I was creating millions of log entries for backups.  Eventually this caused the disks on vCenter to fill up and then it crashed.  A ticket had be be opened with VMware to clear these out of the database.

    To check yours, open a putty session to vcenter and run "df -h".  Monitor the growth of the mountpoint  /storage/seat  and don't let it grow to 100%