New Core and Storage


We have used Rapid Recovery since back in the AppAssure days and as a consequence our Repositories have evolved with rebuilds and extents.  A way back then because of the limitations of the OS we had to have repositories no bigger than 15Tb. But now with Win2016 we can set the cluster size to 64Kb and theoretically have a repository of 256Tb I believe.

We have built a new core and will set it up as a replication target and do our migration that way - but I am in a quandary into how to slice up our new 220Tb array - It's an Infortrend DS3024.

Do I go for large repositories or split it into smaller chunks?  In the past if Rapid Recovery didn't shutdown properly it would check the repositories so there would be a delay in recovery, but we have an enormous retention period because of our type of business and it would be good to go with large repositories.

Do you have any recommendations?