Exporting Base Image Server 2012R2 fails to boot -vmWare

Environment:  vmWare 6.7 - Rapid Recovery 6.3.0

Trying to restore a virtual machine from base image using the Rapid Recovery export feature.   After export completes, Win Server 2012R2 fails to boot and enters automated repair loop.  Recover point / VM had two volumes listed for the drive, the system reservation volume and the normal C drive.   Upon failure to boot, enter cmd line in Windows,.  Diskpart shows system reserve now assigned C and main partition now shows as letter D.   Used diskpart to correct the drive assignments, and ran all the normal Windows commands for recovery -- sfc /scannow, fixmbr, fixboot, rebuildmbc etc.  

I'm thinking there is something I am not doing correctly in exporting Windows based backups, or there are steps I am not following in the documents.

As an aside, I have also tried the URC feature with same results.

I do notice the original VM was created in vmWare 6.0 (VM version 11) and the export now shows restored machine comparability as 6.7 (VM version 14).  Maybe some type of hardware mismatch?

Thoughts or ideas?

Many thanks!!