MS SQL backups each 150gb - too big!

Rapid Recover server 6.4 w/ agent 6.4.  SQL server 2017 on Windows Server 2016.  the sql server is pretty new, months old.  I got some complaints from users about random slowdown throughout the day.. finally saw solid load on our SAN every 4hrs (our backups!)...   and I see that Rapid Recovery job for our sql server is averaging a 150gb sized backup!!!     HELP!!!   it's cranks along consuming the whole gig enet connection (which is probably another issue).  

why are the sql backups the size of the ENTIRE SQL database every backup???  EDIT:  I see that Base Image of the data drive(E) is being created every time.   so, new question:

why is a base image being created every time!?  just rebooted, looks like it's doing a 110gb incremental.  we have like 120gb of SQL dbs total!   something isn't correct here.

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