Archive to Azure freezing

Hi All,

Recently since upgrading some of our managed core servers to version 6.4 we have had a few instances where archives are freezing at specific points of the upload.  Among freezing I noticed that the transfer rates of the upload are unrealistic.  One specific archive has frozen at 15% complete with a transfer rate of 420.68MB/s,  impressive for an 80/20 FTTC connection.  When the archive eventually fails the error just mentions that the request was aborted and cancelled.

The Archive for the example above is 76.6gb.  We have other archives that are a lot smaller and some that are larger.  This is only affecting consoles that are on version 6.4 as I previously stated.

We have tried recreating the containers in Azure but this has made no difference.  Has anybody come across anything similar at all?

I do have a ticket open with Quest but wanted to see if anyone else has experience this.

Thank you.