Unable to add a replication only repository

Hello.  It seems that with Rapid Recovery (RR) prior to version 6.4, I was able to add a repository for replication only.  This replication only repository was outside of our licensed capacity.  with version 6.4 and 6.5, this seems to be missing.  I can add a DVM repository, but that will go against my capacity.  Am I missing something?

  • This is controlled via the LP now I do believe. As you are not charged for the amount of repo space consumed for the replication, however the metadata of the protected machine reports as replication and therefore does not contribute to a capacity license. Although I can't speak to why that is no longer and option, I'd guess it is because it is no longer needed, however previous versions of RR that DID not enforce licensing via the LP this was needed as there wasn't a way to enforce this, however for the last couple years there is. That's my guess, it was removed from the product as it is no longer needed due to the license restrictions/controls that are now in their LP, that weren't there before.