removing and adding vSphere servers: Licensed sockets is wrong

We are replacing older vSphere servers with new hardware. When the old vSphere servers are removed from service, the resultant socket licenses are not released?

How can we update the sockets licensed. There is nothing in the licensing portal for this?

Thank you for any assistance/advice.

Patrick Main

Gulf Coast State College

Panama City, Fl.

  • 'Generally' - the core reports the licenses up from the core to the license portal. So if you were doing agent based, and you remove a server from protection (not pause, remove with or without recovery points) the core will then report back up to the LP to release that license. If you're going socket based, then the core reports the ESXi host or vCenter sockets to the LP, so until the entire ESXi host, or the vCenter gets removed from the core, those sockets will still be consumed. Even if you only have 1 VM still being backed up on a 6 socket vCenter in RR, then the core will ask the LP for all 6 sockets until that vCenter (or host) gets removed from the RR console altogether. Does that make sense?