No SQL dropdown or attachability options for my DB

I am protecting a SQL DB using Rapid Recovery, and for some reason it doesn't have the SQL dropdown, or any of the attachability options. I thought that Rapid Recovery automatically detected SQL databases. Is there something I need to do to enable this? My worry is that it is not being detected as a DB server, and therefore is being backed up differently than it should be. The server is scheduled to incrementally back up every hour, and we've been having issues with one of the applications that uses that DB server at the top of the hour. The timing seems too perfect to be a coincidence.

  • Is this agent based or is this agent-less? If its agent-less then you'll need to enable application support:

    If it is agent based it doesn't detected SQL in the Windows metadata. First thing I'd do is flip the API method the agent uses to see if for whatever reason the 1 doesn't work but the other doesn't:

    (the 2nd KB I know has nothing to do with SQL it is simply the same setting that needs changing).

    It is meant to detect SQL automatically, IF the metadata is provided by WMI and other metadata utils MS provides. The KB flips between using VDS and WinAPI as the primary. 

    Either way, the DB/blocks are being backed up with or without the SQL info appearing in the GUI. However you can't do log truncation or Attachability checks without it. RR does a block level backup and backs up and restores the data regardless (just FYI).

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the reply. We are agent based. I tried flipping that flag in the registry, and now the backup is completely broke. I may just need to reinstall the Agent, but after flipping the flag back it's still broke. It's giving me a "Failed to get metadata from 'hostname' error, anytime I try to add the machine back to Rapid Recovery.

    It sounds like this wouldn't resolve our issue anyways, but it's still odd. We don't have this issue with our other DB server.

  • Hello Zacklong,

    Please consider the following if you are going to proceed and reinstall the Rapid Recovery agent.
    1. This process will require a reboot.
    2. A new base image will be taken.
    3. Since it is a fresh installation a different recovery point chain will be created. In order to avoid this, you can export the following regkey before uninstalling the agent: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\AppRecovery\Agent\AgentId

    Once the reinstallation process is complete, you can proceed and import this key back and reprotect the agent. This will keep the same recovery point chain, however, a base image will still be required.

    Regarding Rapid Recovery not being able to detect the SQL instance, the technical documentation states that this version supports SQL 2008 or higher, I tested 2016 and it worked.

    This version of Rapid Recovery is currently out of support. If you have SQL 2008, please consider upgrading to version 6.3 of Rapid Recovery. If you have a higher SQL server version, you can upgrade to at least version 6.5 of Rapid Recovery to take advantage of the synthetic incremental backups to avoid a full base image.

    For upgrading, you can refer to the KB 181997.

    Hopefully, this is helpful. Let us know if you have further inquiries.


    Luciano Guerra