Export Error Through SonicWall


We recently set up a bridge mode sonicwall to isolate ourselves from our disaster recovery site, but we are no longer able to export standby VMs through it.

Is there a list of ports and services that I should allow? Tried any / any rule in both directions with no luck. Is the DPI a problem? AV exam?

For what it's worth, we found some other database-driven apps that won't work either.

Thank you

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  • Hello Zaidmajix06,

    You can find a list of the ports used by Rapid Recovery in the following KB (119905)For the antivirus exclusions, you can refer to the following KB (117680).

    Sonicwall also has additional information about configuring Rapid Recovery with them. You can refer to the following link.

    Hope this helps and let us know if you have any additional inquiries.


    Luciano Guerra