Have to completely Re-do retention policies and schedules after VCenter Upgrade

Where do I send complaints/suggestions to Quest? This is pretty ridiculous.

I upgraded my VCenter server, which also involved a certificate change. Well, after that, RR refused to connect. I contacted support, and the way to fix? REMOVE Vcenter from rapid recovery (Don't check "Remove with Recovery Points"!), and, then re-add. Well, guess what. You are forced to RE DO all retention policies, and schedules for any machines that aren't default!

This is pretty lame.. should not the metadata regarding that stuff be associated with the machine even after it's 'removed', and the restore points are there? OR, make it so I don't have to DELETE VCENTER because of an UPGRADE?


  • Yup yup, I hear ya, agree with you. It comes down to the vCenter database, if that starts to get modified anything that connects to it/relies on it, is generally left broken yes. Or, as you mention, the certificate. You are 100% correct my friend, hate to tell you though, that's common in DP land. If the cert or the VMware DB is modified your 3rd party integration tool (in this case RR) will be broken until you remedy them and in most cases, yup that takes some leg work. Please don't get me wrong, this reply is actually in support of your frustration, I do agree with you, however that is yet another reason why in the VMware world a lot of time large upgrades do not happen in production has they can affect a lot. Personally having access (and use) nearly every major DP product on the market, this is  common problem, even for the ones that claim that there isn't. Patching is one thing, however ANY upgrade that modifies the VMware DB or the VMware cert, you're at a craps table on your 3rd party utilities (which I think the VMware disclaimer even says too, or at least it did). Now, with RR at least (again I do agree with you sir) they allow you to create templates for your backups, which would be retained and you can reapply, which honestly is a credit to Quest as that is not common - however customer retention policies are indeed lost. 

    I do hear you, I truly do, not mocking you here. Just providing some dialog to this forum. It's extremely common, which is honestly another reason why at times folks leave their VC well enough alone. I believe there idea portal is on the license portal, and the DP portal, but this is also a link to it: