Moving agent to different repository (on same core)

Hi All

I found some articles about moving agents to different repositories, but they seem to rely on making a new base image.

I discovered the following:

  1. Stop the protection on the agent, by using the Pause button
  2. Archive all the Recovery Points.
  3. Delete all the Recovery Points
  4. If all Recovery Points are deleted, change in Settings the current repository to the desired one.
  5. Import the archive to the target Repository
  6. If all Recovery Points are imported, press Resume to continue the protection.

Looks like:

  • Agents stay replicated without hassle
  • Rolling up recovery points could be an issue while archiving, I had to cancel some tasks.
  • No need for a new base image
  • No protection while migrating the agent
  • Takes a while to migrate though

At first I used to remove the agent (by using Remove Machine) after archiving the agentless (vCenter) machines. But when it was time to migrate the Windows machines with agents, I figured Removing the machine might not be a good idea. So instead I tried removing all recovery points and then change the Repository setting which worked.

Our repository was getting full and I decided to migrate all protected machines which do not need the default retention period. So now I am filling a secondary repository on a different volume with machines that have a shorter retention period.

I added an extra notification on "Archive import on Core has" "failed / finished / started" and "Core backup has" "failed / finished / started" to send a mail to my own mailbox to get triggered to do the next step.

Greetings from the Netherlands.