Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server restore failed

We have a Ubuntu server running on a HyperV server in a Datacenter backing up to an offsite Rapid Recovery 6.6 Core. Back ups have been running fine without fault since the 9th June and it's reporting 15 Application-consistent recovery points.

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to do a test restore of the server as it's a non-critical server that that could be rebuilt in 30 minutes anyway.  We shutdown the virtual server, did the restore from a restore point just over a month ago, restoring it to the virtual machine in the Datacenter selecting to restore the configuration data and made sure the volume restored over the old volume, there is only 1 volume on the server so that was easy.  When we tried to boot the server up after the restore, it's coming up with an error.

Error is Failure: File system check of the root filesystem failed
The root filesystem on /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-ubuntu-iv requires a manual fsck.

We did do the manual fsck but to no avail.

Are we missing anything at all, we've done restores of Windows servers without any issue and this is our first Ubuntu server restore.

  • What did you do the restore to? ESXi or HV?

    Also, what hardware version or gen did you restore to? Especially if it isn't booting properly there's a chance the necessary disk/controller drivers aren't present. Rule of thumb in my world (regardless of vendor) always restore to older virtual hardware for the 'universal-ness' of it, and upgrade it later on once the dust has settled if need be. 

    Just a thought.