Rapid recovery VS sql native backup

Hi All,

We are using rapid recovery to take backup of few sql server (taking backup of drive which includes .mdf and .ldf files) hourly. We are also taking sql backup using sql native . I have one doubt, Is it okay to have both backups? Does it will break my backup chain?. I do not have much detail knowledge on rapid recovery how it is working for sql backup. Thank you in advance.

  • They are independent of one another, there is zero harm in doing both. You will want to make sure to stagger them however so they do not overlap, as if they run at the same time one or both jobs might fail. They will not negatively impact one another. 

    One thing to keep in mind too, you might want to move the SQL backup off to a volume/device not being backed up by RR. The default location is on the local disk. Otherwise, you will be using RR to backup your SQL backup as it is a volume level backup. So you'd be using your back to backup the backup, and if the SQL backup is say 50GB, then your incremental will be 100GB each time you backup the volume after the SQL backup runs (new 50GB backup, and usually it overwrites the previous 50GB).