Windows Server 2022 was released August 2021, yet it is still not supported?

It has been almost 1 year that 2022 Server has been officially released, yet Rapid Recovery still does not support it and has not released a new version yet?


Does anyone have a clue when the next version is going to be released?

  • I'm sure the Rapid Recovery team is working hard to provide support for Windows Server 2022, but it's taking longer than we'd like.  Knowing the complexity and the number of changes usually involved with new server releases, I'm sure the Rapid Recovery team wants to make sure that their software is tested properly before releasing it. It's worth regularly checking the Rapid Recovery website and their social media accounts for updates on the next version. You can also contact the Rapid Recovery team directly and ask them for more information. Moreover, you can also explore various online platforms to find cheap windows keys that might help you get the most out of Windows Server 2022. However, choose only trusted resources to avoid viruses and scams. I'm sure the Rapid Recovery team will release a new version soon.

  • Windows 2022 is supported as of the version 6.7 which was released on Sept 2022 Rapid Recovery 6.7 - System Requirements (

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