Restore Machine Wizard not allowing me to select a volume, only shows //physicaldrive0

I am trying to restore a machine to a snapshot. Via the Restore Machine Wizard I select my machine, select the restore point, select the first option to restore to the machine on the Destinations tab, then I get to volume mapping and the C drive, EFI system partition and recovery partition are not options to select from the drop down. I only see //physicaldrive0. What am I doing wrong?

  • The first option in the destination is used for restoring volumes like D, E, F, etc that are not OS-related (SRP/EFI, C volume). If you need to restore the OS-related volumes you have 2 options: 

    • Do an export instead if you are planning to restore to a virtual machine, much easier than the restore.
    • On the destination menu select the 2nd option instead "Recover to any target machine using a Boot CD" 

    The 2nd option requires a boot CD, if it is a Linux machine you can download it on the support or the license portal website. If it is a Windows machine you need to create the Boot CD from the Core by clicking the 3 dots beside the gear icon and selecting boot cd or going to the website HOSTNAME:8006/.../BootCD.

    You can take a look at this KB article