Rapid recovery repo mount?


First, Quest RR is very new to me. Our previous MSP left, the core license expired, and we are left with a bunch of, what I think are repositories of backups from our file servers. 

We have a synology device at this specific location and the device has four REPOs our MSP called them





Each repo has the following files. 

  1. AppRecoveryCoreConfigurationBackup.XML
  2. Delete.queue
  3. dfs.bmap
  4. dfs.mbr
  5. dfs.record_ids
  6. dfs.records
  7. dfs.rmap
  8. repositories_guid id... XML

Are these files Rapid Rocovery files? If i need to find a file from one of them, can I "mount" these somewhere without a core license?

Hope I explained this well enough. 

thanks in advance

RR Noobie.