Nutanix ESXi to AHV Migration

We are looking at the posibility of migrating our Nutanix ESXi cluster over to AHV.  I can't find any good documentation if the RR backups created on ESXi will be usable after the migration.  I'm also new to RR, so that isn't helping matters much.  We are running agentless on the majority of our protected machines currently.  Thank you for any information.

  • There's a couple parts to the answer. Your backups, they will be usable as long as the repo can be mounted and is healthy. However there is not a direct to AHV restore model, which is common I am afraid. Any restores to AHV would have to be treated as if the VMs on AHV were physical servers. You'd have to create the VM, create an RR boot CD, and boot the VM off the boot cd and perform the restore. That is the real challenge with AHV/Proxmox and others, although they do work, all the invaluable integration pieces that we are rely on, might now be available. 

    Agentless backups, or true agentless backups are only available in the industry (not just with RR) are tied to licensed VMware. Even agentless Hyper-V backups require an agent install on the HV hosts. You can use Rapid Recovery to backup AHV, however you'll have to treat the VMs as if they were physical servers and install the agent with in the OS and backup using the VSS writers within the local OS. This will work, just like if you used Nutanix Acropolis or Proxmox, it just isn't near as streamline as VMware agentless as it lacks all the integration. 

    Also, as you'd be switching from agent to agent-less all the backups would be treated as new RP chains, which they would be, so you would be essentially doubling your backup data footprint until you purge the old RP chains. 

    You'll find that the above scenario is common across the board for DP vendors, it's an industry limitation at this point with the various 'non' VMware/Hyper-V solutions are really still just entering into integrations with 3rd part vendors, if at all.